Indigo Blue: Catherine Anderson


genre: romance, historical, western

Torn between the white and Comanche worlds of her parents, Indigo Wolf has grown up estranged from the townspeople of Wolf’s Landing, Orgeon. Bo one understands her elusive spirit-until Jake Rand comes to town to act as foreman of her family’s ranch. But Jake’s real motives are as secret as his true identity, and as personal as his growing attraction to Indigo.

– from the Publisher

I picked this up on a whim while on vacation at the lobby of our resort. They had this cool book system going on. Anyways, Catherine Anderson was the only name I recognized and I picked it up, not knowing what was going to come of it. Surprisingly, I found it pretty damn good.

Indigo has a severe inferiority complex and probably has good reason for it considering her past! (ahh I’m trying to write this without giving any spoilers! damn hard) When Jake comes along to help out her father and their mining business, she knew that he was going to change her life forever. To make things short, they are forced into marriage under circumstances (this is not a spoiler because, duh, it’s a romance novel).

In marriage, you realize along with Jake how Indigo’s heritage really emphasizes her inferiority complex. Together, they struggle to overcome what has been branded into her soul for so long and both their prides are sacrificed for love.

If you, like me, always look for that one heart-twisting book, I found it in this one. It’s not so much to make it too dramatical (?), but enough to give you that satisfaction. I swear, I feel like I’m talking about drugs! There is that typical “misunderstanding” though, but it’s not as stupid as it usually is in other romances.

This is definitely a lighter read but I so thoroughly enjoyed this unexpected pleasure! I think I read it within a day or two. One thing I adored about this book is the hero. He is so thoughtful and patient…but know that he also has his flaws. For those of you looking for something other than romance in a romance, you can also find it in here. There is a small side story that barrages into the main story at the end and it has you at the edge of your seat!

But it is a romance! So you know what the ending will be ;)

I will laugh and cry so hard if ever I come across a typical romance that ends badly. It will be so ironic :D


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