Last of the Summer Days

A friend and I got together today for some good old chowdown and a last hanging out before I leave. We spent an entire day eating and watching Supernatural. We fight over Dean ;) I’m a sucker for the tough guy act.

Her mom embraced my vegetarianism. I feel kinda bad because I ate her out of house and home so much.

I made the ones with two onions on a skewer :) I love my red onions. The sautee was really good. I need to get her recipe!

Her mom made buttered corn on the cobs. First time I had these! I usually have them steamed, not grilled or buttered. It accented the sweetness of the corn.

We both kept going back for the skewers and had two cobs each. Needless to say… I think we ate an entire harvest today! And this was only a bit after lunch! Around dinner, she made some stuffed shells. Unphotographed :(

It was a perfect ending to an amazing summer :) I’m so thankful my friend and I really got closer this summer.

Oh god, wake me up when I can move again.

How do you like to spend your last days of summer?


2 thoughts on “Last of the Summer Days

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