Welcome Week

Welcome week is coming to an end which may be a good thing because I cannot keep this pace up for another week! I’ve had so many new experiences and friends and fun it’s incredible. Oh, also, my first football game :)

People told me that Michigan is one of the most intensely spirited colleges ever. If it isn’t, I don’t think I can even comprehend other colleges!

This was the first time that I saw almost the entire school.

Isn’t that crazy?? Apparently we broke some record of having the most people in a stadium for a football game. 113,000 :)

They even had jets flying over the stadium.

I almost lost my voice and was so tired afterward! Every 2 minutes, there’d be some Spirit Chant somewhere. As much as I wanted to… I couldn’t party :( Instead I karaoke’d ;) We’re pretty sure we brought the part.

The first few days, I always felt homesick in the back of my mind. But since then, I’ve been having an amazing time. I’ve hung out with different groups every day and I love how everyone’s so open! I don’t want people to settle down into groups :(

How was your first football game?


One thought on “Welcome Week

  1. My first football game was for Ohio State University…uh oh, does that mean we’re rivals? ;) I’m not as hardcore as everyone else is around these parts, I’m more interested in tailgating and the BUZZ in the air during football season.

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