Reliving Childhood

It’s funny how so many college-aged people’s methods of relieving stress is actually a childhood pastime. I have met so many people who use coloring books as a way to calm them down and other people watch their favorite children’s tv shows or books. Whenever I’m stressed, I definitely feel the urge to pick up Harry Potter or watch something like Avatar: the Last Airbender, or even Arthur, the show that was an after-school staple for me when growing up.

The thought of watching or reading something new is exhausting. I’m already learning something new every single day in classes, I just want to go back to something familiar and allow my child’s brain to revel in its kind of stimulation. The constant input of information is literally draining.

I find it interesting that when faced with major changes and stress, our society regresses back into children. For me, it’s definitely true, I don’t try to deny it anymore especially now that I’m waiting for access into Pottermore.

I think part of it is because of the enormous change of lifestyle between childhood and adulthood that awakens the desire to regress back into simpler times, a simpler life. The barrage of suddenly needing to have your life planned out shoulders out the ability for us to enjoy the basic pleasures in life. Many times I want nothing more than to lay in the grass on the Diag and just look at the clouds, read a book, or listen to all this new music I uploaded onto my itouch during the summer. However, because of my hectic schedule, multiple upcoming exams and papers, I can’t.

Therefore I watch something that brings back the memories of when I could do that if I wanted to.

Many of these stress-relievers are actually methods of escapism. But I guess that would be the definition of stress-relieving. Removing yourself from the situation and imagining yourself someplace else minus the obligations.

Maybe over time, my stress relievers will evolve into something more adult. But right now, I feel as if it’s going to be a constant in my life. We all like the familiar.


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