Letter of Complaint to the Lovely Dining Halls

Dear Dining-Hall-Whose-Location-is-Unknown-Yet-Still-Causes-Me-Distress,

I appreciate what you’re trying to do. I really do. You’re extremely kind for letting your students jam out to the same tunes every day–they probably wouldn’t clean the dishes as cleanly or mop the floor as hard if it weren’t for your loud music.

But please remember that your music is probably as loud a concert held for deaf people and you are subjecting other non-working students who live somewhere–ANYWHERE–near this music that they may or may not like while studying.

There’s a reason I don’t listen to the Top 20 station radios, dudes. It’s because it’s the same song every single fucking time. I can pretty much predict what’s coming on next, I’ve listened to this playlist so fucking often. There are definitely around… all of Ke$ha’s songs on there, the most popular LMFAO songs, some Adele to mix things up. I don’t enjoy any of it. Maybe another time, when I’m not stressing about major exams, I would participate in this rally of music currently being shoved down my throat.

And don’t even pretend it’s not you. Every time the music starts, so do the clinks and clatters of dishes being hosed down and put into the giant industrial monster of a dishwasher.

I’m just saying.

Hoping for a quiet afternoon,

A struggling student


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