My Brother’s Special Power

When my younger brother was born, I became aware of something. I realized that he had this power that let him pee while standing up!

I was upset. Why didn’t I ever think of that?! It would make my life so much easier!

That’s right, I had penis-envy at the age of 7.

So, like any determined person with a big goal, I started practicing.

My first attempts weren’t too promising. Luckily, I decided to try in the shower first.

How did he make it seem so easy?! From that point on I was a man (or hoping I was in some aspects) on a mission. I was inspired in ways that I had never been inspired before.

I took showers about 5 times a day. It was probably the cleanest I’d ever been.

Finally… the hard work paid off… I did it!! I never had to sit down to pee again! I could just do it on the go–while I’m walking, without anyone noticing, even outdoors! This was awesome!!

I soon decided I had outgrown the little leagues of the shower stalls. It was time to take it to the big leagues: the toilet. Make it or break it.

Needless to say… it was not as successful as I hoped. And I wasn’t allowed to try ever again.

That didn’t stop my jealousy though. Or my brother. He wasn’t very sympathetic. In fact, he seemed to flaunt it! He was a mean, green, peein’ machine! He peed everywhere just from standing in the same spot! It was like spreading rainbows and joy in liquid form!

I have never really forgiven him for having this power.


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