Announcing my return!


Ok, I apologize. I’ve been through a lot this past school year, which is why I’ve been so on (more off) about writing. What’s up with the new WordPress changes, anyways? 

So, as an apology, I’ll highlight some things that I’m doing recently: 

First of all, I’ve drastically—or so my parentswould say—decided to change my major. For those that don’t know, I was a pre-pharmacy major, and I was definitely not happy with it. I’m one of those people that need a passion for what I do and none of the classes gave me an intellectual boner. I also felt trapped in the pre-pharmacy decision that I had committed to as a mere high school senior. I’ll do a post about this later, but why does the system believe that high schoolers can make such a big decision about their future?! They are hardly functional enough to make wardrobe or even social decisions, let alone what they’re going to be doing for the rest of their life. 

So, taking the advice of my therapist, I decided to branch out from the cage I locked myself into. I took some Art and English classes. The art class didn’t do so well—I barely went to that class and just bummed around in the dorm. The English classes, however, sparked something that I thought I lost a long time ago. It sparked my passion for the written word and my love for the way we could talk to these works through analytical papers. Yeah, I know. I’m crazy. 

  • Miss Millennia internship 
     Going along with my drastic—again, the word of my parents—decisions, I needed a starting point in this new world. So here I am, editing and writing articles and monthly emails, compiling newsletters, and overseeing general going-ons. 
  • Daily Source internship 
    What’s better than one internship in your future field? Two internships in your future field! Here, I just go on and edit the general page.  
  • Park District employee 
    Much like I did last year, I’m committing myself for another grueling summer season at the manmade beach. With a fire-breathing manager that I’m pretty sure hates my guts. But, I love the people I work with :)  
  • traveling 
    In a week, I’ll be heading to Europe, for the first time in my life! Although I’ve said before that I wanted to travel theworld by myself… I guess I can concede to a first trip with my family. Yes, I know, I’m at that age where it’s almost strange to go on family vacations… but it’s Europe. 
  • Writing 
    Yes, I’m writing now. It’s probably not going to be very good, and large parts of it are based on my life, but… I will forge on because it’s what I feel like doing. 
  • New obsessions
    Including… all of the avengers, especially Tony Stark, Hawkeye and Loki. Homina homina. 

Anyways, that’s all I have to say for now. I promise that my next posts will be more exciting and well thought out, especially since I’m heading to Europe and I feel like I should document this anyways. 


Comments welcome!

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