Rome: Photoblog


To be completely honest… I wasn’t all that impressed with Rome. But then again, I was a little hindered in my exploring capabilities because of the curfew of the convent we stayed at.

Don’t get me wrong, the architecture and the city layout were beautiful. The history of the place was definitely worth being here for, but if I had the chance to come here again, I wouldn’t—just because I felt as if once was enough for this city.

For example, the Coliseum. It was one of those landmarks you have to see while in Rome. But once you’re there, there’s not much else to do with it other than sit there and look.

Also, because of the large religious foundation of the city, it was more a religious-monument tour more than anything else.

The parts I did like immensely was the stretch of small markets around the Trevi Fountain, which is a great spot for people watching. I sat there and watched a group of Italians try to earn their money on the streets—sometimes by not-so-straight-edge ways.

Another place that I really enjoyed was above the Spanish Steps and down the road, past the abbey, where a hotel lay. This was a small, secluded park where they gave out 4-person bike rentals and segue rentals. But come prepared with food, because the vendors up here are especially pricey.


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