Why I Love Driving

There’s something about being alone on a road that really gets me. Something about the possibility stretched out in front of you that, no matter what the surroundings are, is beautiful.

I suppose it’s because this past year, I’ve had a hard time seeing progress in my life that makes feeling the literal sense of moving forward so desirable to me. I had been struggling with my choice of major and profession.

I don’t know if you knew this before, but I used to be a pre-pharmacy student. I used to like the straight road; the one without a scenic route; the one with exits few and far in between; the one with a speed limit like that of the Autobon.

Although there are no right or wrong roads, that one wasn’t the one for me. I felt trapped on that path, with only one clear destination; I didn’t even know if I wanted to end up at that destination.

I took the next exit and never looked back.

The road I’m on now is a gentle, winding road. A clear path, an unclear destination, but the knowledge that I will get somewhere. One with a lower speed limit, a scenic route if I so choose, and has the possibility of leading to multiple destinations.

It doesn’t matter if I stop for a long time at a certain rest stop. It doesn’t even matter which road I take, for there are many. It doesn’t even matter that I may end up at a different point than I expected. All that matters is that I am moving, that I’m learning—living—experiencing. 


2 thoughts on “Why I Love Driving

  1. I feel like I cam really relate to this post! Not knowing where you’re headed in life but enioying the ride. I almost envy you because i just can’t seem to let myself do that. I like to be in control an know where I’m headed next but at this point in life I really have no clue.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog by the way! :)

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