The Never-Ending Stomach-Boob War

We all fight in this war every day. It’s a daily battle throughout your life that never ends.

For some of us, we’ve given up; for others, we’ve kept on fighting. Sometimes, the universe is in the favor of one individual, whereas sometimes the universe is rooting against you.

I’m talking about the boob-stomach ratio, of course.

Hint: don’t ever google image search “moobs”
Also: he’s currently losing the stomach-boob war… and maybe the war of life.

We’ve all been there; we’ve all suffered. No words can describe the unfortunate moment when you look down and realize that you no longer look like a female, but a large, portly man with moobs.

Basic information about the opponent: 

Effective areas of attack: diet and exercise

Your weapons: calorie counting, treadmill, running shoes, gym membership, club memberships, willpower.

Your weaknesses: delicious, sweet or greasy food; food advertisements; holidays; drinking; new restaurants; buffets; boredom; having food in your home; the fact that you miss chewing; taste; needing food while watching movies… etc.

As an Asian, I’m especially sensitive to the stomach-boob war, since I have almost nothing to begin with. This problem may not even exist for others.


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