A (Summer)ization, 2012

Summer has about come to an end, with three weeks left until school starts, so I decided to evaluate and summerize (ha, get it?) what I’ve accomplished so far.

Every summer, I’d start out with this super awesome checklist of things that would make an awesome summer. A summer resolution, if you will. Ok, some of the things on the checklist weren’t exactly glamorous—many of my friends had laughed at #36: register to vote—but I vowed to get every single one done.

What I said I’d accomplish this summer but didn’t (yet?): 

  1. Lose weight
  2. Get out more
  3. Travel to visit friends at their supercool, awesome internships in supercool cities
  4. Pick up piano again
  5. Learn a new skill
  6. Get a head start on fall semester reading (to be fair, this was definitely not my fault that the professors have not uploaded syllabi yet)
  7. Starve off my soda addiction
  8. Be super active and exercise daily
  9. Finish Insanity
  10. Explore all the ethnic neighborhoods of Chicago
  11. Read the books I said I would
  12. Color Run

However, the list of things that I did accomplish and the caliber of things that I accomplished makes me feel somewhat better.

What I did accomplish:

  1. Turned the county river into my own person Lazy River ride (after a two hour search for the perfect entry point)
  2. Swam in a park lake after park hours with a few beers and friends
  3. Made random friends everywhere
  4. Watched the Olympics with my best friends
  5. Ate an entire gluten-free pizza during a Lord of the Rings marathon
  6. Visited my grandparents for a week
  7. Explored an ethnic neighborhood
  8. Went to all three days of Lollapalooza
  9. Went to the beaches in Chicago
  10. Got over a huge, debilitating crush
  11. Learned how to cook
  12. Got my tragus pierced
  13. Toured Europe for two weeks
  14. Spent an afternoon reading outside
  15. Made the trip back to Ann Arbor to hang out with college friends

There were also a few pleasant (and not so pleasant) surprises along the way.

What I didn’t expect to do: 

  1. Gain weight
  2. Serve on jury duty
  3. Attend my first solo concert, which was one of the best experiences of my life
  4. Took two weeks of power hour boxing classes
  5. Have fun at my job, befriending my coworkers, leading to hilarious coworker outings
  6. Reconnect with a relative I previously had nothing in common with
  7. Have as much fun as I did at Lollapalooza

All in all, there were many experiences that made this summer special. And, the things that I haven’t accomplished yet? Well, I still have three weeks to do them, which may make for an amazing end to the summer.


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