The Cursed Piercing Cycle

I have had 7 piercings in my entire live. It’s not that many, really. Double-pierced lobe, left cartilage, right tragus, and bellybutton, which I took out 8 months after I got it done. Although I wouldn’t exactly call myself addicted, I admit I love having shiny, decorative things in my ears [/girly girl sentence].

But it’s a vicious cycle, really. And here’s how it goes:

1. See piercing on someone, like piercing, desire piercing.

2. Wait accurate amount of time since your last piercing and save enough money for new piercing (no way you’re going to go to some jank piercer that pierces your precious temple with rusty nails)

3. Get piercing

4. Love piercing because you have super healing powers! Piercings are nothing to you! You feel no pain, your flesh is uninfectionable! (2 week period)

5. Piercing gets irritated because you thought it was invincible and couldn’t help but touch it. I mean come on, a new protruding object in your skin? It’s like being able to pop a never-ending blister.

6. Hate yourself. Freak out. Clean it like crazy and pray to God your ear (or whatever body part it’s embedded in) does not fall off.

7. Swear on your life that you will never ever get another piercing ever. The ulcers sure aren’t worth it.

8. Piercing heals. It’s invincible again. And this time, it heals for good.

10. Start planning where the next one’s going to be.


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