Review: Warm Bodies

Ah, Warm Bodies. The movie that hides the fact that it’s basically the same teen movie we’ve all seen before by turning it on its head by making the protagonist a zombie. And adding a little humor in this sea of teenage angst that has become teen movies. Yes, this is a real review. I was able to attend a free-screening of the movie about a month ago.

For those of you who haven’t seen the preview, Warm Bodies is set in a post-apocalyptic America where both Zombies, called Bodies, and skeletal-looking monsters that are also Zombies, but without the flesh, called Skeletons exist. It’s in the perspective of a Zombie named R who, despite his silence, is actually quite quirky and intelligent. One day, R meets Julie, who is out on a raid for more medication outside their fortressed city, and falls in love. He brings her to his home, set in an abandoned airplane, and tries to keep her there while showing her how human he is.

Here it is:

Of course, she’s intrigued, but she has to make it home because—surprise, surprise—her father is the Army General against Zombies, and Zombie hater extraordinaire. So R vows to help Julie arrive safely back home. Her presence in the Zombieville is evident when the same life-rejuvenation she gives R spreads throughout the Zombie population.

I enjoyed this movie until I realized that I’d seen this plot before. It was the exact romantic plot of Romeo & Juliet. From then, my enjoyment tapered. First of all, they couldn’t even bother to change the name? R and Julie?? Did they think no one would notice or did they purposefully do that as a sort of allusion?

Other rejective movie titles probably included: Romeo and Juliet: Zombie Edition, Romeo and Juliet and Zombies, Romeo and Juliet in a Zombie World.

If you think about it, this isn’t a Zombie movie at all. It’s just another Vampire movie, with a funny looking Vampire. Both monsters are a risk to the girl’s life, yet it doesn’t prevent them OR THE GIRL from staying away.

This is one of those movies that unwisely used all the funny they had in the trailers. I will never understand why production companies allow this to happen. It’s like giving your audience a cheat sheet, but instead of joyously finding the answers, you get the punchlines of jokes for this stand-up that you paid $20 to attend.

In addition to that, the trailer sped things up in a way that conveniently forgot to mention that there is a lot of dead silence in the movie. The movie uses a lot of voice-over and awkward looks exchanged between characters. At first, I understood because the protagonist and narrator is a zombie. But when there was dead silence without voiceovers or anything happening, really, it starts to annoy.

Just know that when going to see Warm Bodies, it will be exactly what you thought it would be in the way of plot, communication, and humor, thanks to the previews. But also be aware that what you see in the previews is not totally representative of the movie. I know that many previews are like that, and that sometimes people have no clue what the movie’s even about but are intrigued. This is an instance when it works negatively. Like when Sweeney Todd wasn’t portrayed as a musical (but honestly, that’s their own fault for not knowing a famous musical).

And you know that grunting seen in previews? Expect a lot more. The protagonist, R, is on a steep learning curve with speech. Halfway through the movie and he’s still talking with 5 seconds between his words whereas his best friend catches the speech bug instantaneously.

Did I like the movie? Yes, it did entertain me and briefly made me sob in wanting for an R of my own… kidding. It was cute and I enjoyed the twist on the typical Zombie movie. But as a supernatural teenage movie, it’s the same thing. So if you’re one of those people who have watched… Twilight, Romeo & Juliet (modern, Leo di Caprio), or anything teenage too many times, this will give you a brief new kick by disguising it as something else!

So, while this movie did entertain me, I’m glad that I didn’t pay to watch it.

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