Update on My Life!

I know many of you don’t care, but to make myself feel better, I’ll pretend you care. Or I’ll pretend I’m talking to my mom or something because she out of anyone… should… care…. right?

Baby Animal Baby Mountain Lion

I am happy to report that as of last Thursday, I have lost 4.5 pounds! Let’s not all get too carried away in our celebration, though, because I have a nagging suspicion that this is water weight. I swear I spend 95% of my life bloated.

Running-wise, I’ve been able to run 2 miles consistently now—excluding the first time I ran after deciding I would now work out in the mornings. The night before, I overindulged in the collegiate way of drinking and felt like I was a contestant on The Biggest Loser. My mind, however, is not so good as Jillian. I’m trying to build up to 2.5 this week. Let’s all cross our knees. A phrase that I coined in honor of my injured knee in attempts of humor, but as all my jokes go, I ended up sounding like a member of the clergy.

I’ve been proud of my attempts in the kitchen lately. My roommates are about to punch me in the face because I can’t resist showing them my delectable dishes and never offering to share any with them. I successfully made fried rice for the first time! Even though I’m Asian, I’m so bad at connecting with my culture that I had to google how to open the bottle of Kikkoman Soy Sauce. Don’t mock. You ever try that before, bro? There’s a secret to it.

Unfortunately, the rice got a little too excited, much like me, so my roommates and I walked around with sticky feet/socks for the rest of the week.

I also made Buffalo Chicken Tacos! Which are delicious and made me briefly consider opening my own restaurant. My dreams were dashed by reality when I realized that no one would ever frequent a restaurant that only had one item on the menu. I guess I could always call it a specialty. I made these from the leftovers of my whole rotisserie chicken and the brown remains of my guacamole. I told myself that this semester, I’ll spend more time cooking. And so far, it’s been working. I actually enjoy it so much more than I thought I would.

Academically, I spent MLK weekend catching up, but by this time in the week, I’m probably behind again. I can see the looming deadlines of three closely-spaced essays and I’m not happy. I’m conquering my debilitating fear of participating in class with my Prison Creative Arts program here. Did I tell you about that?

The Prison Creative Arts Portfolio that I’m participating in this semester is where 14 students pair off and go to different penitentiaries to facilitate a creative portfolio with an incarcerated youth. This is another thing I’ll probably be writing about later on throughout the semester. So far, I’ve heard phenomenal reviews of the course, but I dislike viewing it as just a course; just a one-sided beneficial relationship. The people of our class are supposed to be the altruistic, self-reflective, progressive types that congregate on this campus, but it’s hard to distance yourself from your selfishness sometimes. Are we doing it to put on a resumé? If you’ve done it, why not put it on a resume; but does that mean you’re using it?

See, I’m already wrestling with these concepts and I haven’t even been placed yet.

So, if there’s anything that interests you and you’d like to hear more about, I’d love to appease :)

And now… time for Monday Madness! I’ve been all over with these lately, since I’m trying to expand the kinds of blogs that I read!

And that’s about it. I’m not gonna be too ambitious for now! Have a great day!



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