People You Meet at a (All-Ages) Concert

Imagine Dragons at House of Blues Chicago
Imagine Dragons at House of Blues Chicago

Monday night, I went to the House of Blues in Chicago to see Imagine Dragons on their Night Visions Tour.

Brief review: They. Are. Amazing. This is one of those bands that puts their heart and soul into their music. This was especially amazing last night, since Dan (the lead singer) told the crowd yesterday that his friend died on Sunday.

I thought it wasn’t possible, but I fell in love with the band even more. Firstly, Dan openly weeped at how much love they receive as a band and how they would try to match that with their performance even through all the pain they were experiencing. They kept thanking us for support ing them. No, Dan, thank you. 

His voice? Amazing. The set? Basically their whole album. The stage? Even more amazing. It was like a light show and a concert at the same time. Their energy? Off. The. Walls. You can so tell they LOVE doing what they do. They’re not in it for the money.

Unfortunately, since Imagine Dragons is a super kid-friendly band—even their songs have no swears—there were a lot of kids there. Now, I know I just turned 21, but I already feel it, guys. Being surrounded by high schoolers was so bizarre, especially right after coming home from college.

So, what’s even worse than a list of people you’ll see at a concert?


A list of people you’ll see at an underage concert. 

Since I have moved, see the full article [HERE] 



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